Mens Rolex Replica Watches

Mens Rolex Replica Watches

If we want to give an example of a humble watch factory, we will undoubtedly choose Rolex, which is far removed from others. The discussions have nothing to do with him (although they come from his supporters, especially opponents), and his obscurity in the history of watchmaking is inversely proportional to success. The most noticeable controversy at the International Watch and Jewelry Fair in Basel this year, however, was the re-release of one of the models: Rolex Air-King. Let's find out why.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

Like all Rolex watches, Sky-Dweller has also received advanced chronograph certification, which was redefined by the brand in 2015. This title proves that the watch has passed a series of tests conducted by fake Rolex watch in its laboratory in accordance with its own standards. The SKY-DWELLER equipped with the new Rolex 9001 movement is completely designed and manufactured by Rolex and has officially obtained the Swiss chronometer certification. All its precision, durability and reliability values ??have gained Rolex's reputation. It proves the creativity of a brand that is fully committed to serving watch owners, with its passion for innovation.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

In 1926, the first oyster model was launched on the market. The Oyster Perpetual is an updated version of this mythical model. You can go back in time when buying a Rolex second watch. Therefore, you can buy models that no longer exist in the brand's official store. Oyster Perpetual is the world's first waterproof watch. It was one of the most revolutionary models at the time, allowing the brand to develop further. Later versions only confirmed that the first model from 1926 was a good idea.

Rolex Air-King

Air-King is equipped with a 40 mm Oystersteel case with anti-magnetic shield. Its black dial has large numbers 3, 6, and 9 to indicate hours, while the navigation time is read in minutes at the front desk. The dial is named Air-King after a letter created specifically for this model in the 1950s, and for the first time has a green and yellow Rolex logo. The second hand is green, symbolizing the brand.

After the movement is installed, this certification will be extended to the entire watch to ensure excellent performance on the wrist. The accuracy of the most advanced Rolex chronometer is –2 / +2 s. Every day, this is more than twice the COSC requirement. The green seal on each copy Rolex watch symbolizes the status of the top chronometer watch and enjoys a five-year international warranty.

Rolex Yacht Master

The Rolex Yacht Master is one of the most popular and sporty watches of the brand. Literally, its name can be translated as a watch on the high seas. For those who like sailing, it is an ideal choice for professional athletes and amateurs. Want to know his story? "

Around 1992, Rolex launched the Rolex Yacht Master. The popularity of this 18-carat sports watch prompted it to release a female model two years later. This is a medium-sized model designed to be used by more professionals without losing the quality and elegance of the brand. As early as 1997, Rolex Yacht Master was launched in Rolex (Rolesium), the brand used in stainless steel and platinum models. Therefore, he is also known as the Platinum Rolex replica Yacht-Master watches.

When Should You Consider "Old Fashioned" Watches?

In short, no one can answer this question for sure. For cars, for example, this is clearly defined: cars over 30 years of age are considered "veterans". This black and white classification of watches does not exist. The transition is smoother here.

How About Ladies Watches?

"They haven't changed much in terms of cost. Women today generally prefer watches that were originally designed for men, including watches as large as Submariner."

If the watch has been manufactured for more than 25 years, it is called "antique". According to some methods, all watches that have not been exposed to the quartz crisis for a long time should be considered vintage watches, that is, from the production years until the 1980s. Some people say that a watch should be considered vintage after 20 years, while others say 30 years. As I said, there is no age limit for joining the vintage club. When the year of manufacture even exceeds 100 years, collectors talk about vintage watches.

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